Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Overdue Update on the Rogue Agent and New Editing Availability

It's been a long, long time since June 26, 2014. To be fair, things were happening. Books. Conferences. Life-altering career shifts. That whole chestnut.  As many of you may have heard, I capped off a rewarding three years at Kimberley Cameron & Associates in January 2015. I was an intern for one of those years and a literary agent for two, and I learned more in that time from KCA's fantastic team than I would have imagined possible. Eventually, however, the itch to pursue a years-long dream of studying history got me and--because the glamour of APA citation format and occasionally falling asleep while standing up was too seductive to resist--I wound down my agenting commitments last fall. My time as an agent gave me some wonderful friends and a title from Gerald Dodge that I am amazingly proud of. It also gave me the wherewithal to do a lot of editing. Like, so much editing. I'm probably handling about the same volume of reading and revisions I did as an agent, except now the material is less likely to be about a fantasy hero and more likely to be about, say, how Russian administrative practices changed during the course of the early 18th century. Yeah.

Because I still need some fun in my life, and because I feared the industry would collapse without the guiding light this blog provides, I am still taking on editing clients in those months of the year when I'm granted a respite from the soul-crushing workload of bleary academic texts that is standard for anyone pursuing a master's degree. Which I'm so glad I'm doing. Of course.

Generally speaking my window for editing extends from late May to late August, though as of now I am booked through June 11. I will post regular updates as this schedule changes. Anyone interested in editing work (the general rates for which you can find here) should contact me at

I hope you've all been very active in the time that I've been diving into Russian history books (and grammar; if you thought I pointed out things you hadn't noticed before, wait until you start getting reader's reports in Cyrillic). I'll look forward to seeing your work, and reading about your progress through your blogs, in the months ahead. To be honest, anything you send me under 200,000 words and not involving the finer points of how arctic deserts and arid cold lands differ from one another would be a vast improvement on what I've been reading. Not that, you know, I regret the decisions I've made.

Not at all.


  1. Good luck in graduate school. That's a big change. It's great that you're still going to use your skills in editing.

    My undergraduate and graduate studies were in History with a concentration in American. And I'm certified to teach social studies. Funny thing is I wish I could go back in time and pursue English instead.

  2. Sounds like you're having a great time! (that sarcasm font is working, right???)
    My grad degree is in education - which I love. Always wanted to go back and get a majors in Lit too. Maybe one day :)