Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Shameless Plug of Your Contest Subject

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the esteemed Mr. Roger White, author, editor, and dog-walker extraordinaire. Roger is my newest agenting client--and potentially your ticket to all the fame and glory that a blog with 38--wait, down to 35--followers has to offer. Did I mention that like 70 people are following me on Twitter?

"Ethan, you have seventeen Twitter followers?"

"No, not seventeen: seventy. It's a little unbelievable, I know."

Roger caught my attention with his chilling horror manuscript about a small 1960s Texas town where something is very wrong. He will, I hope, catch your attention with his eminently entertaining blog, where he writes on subjects as bone chilling as sadistic murderers, resurrection cults, and paying for college tuition.

So, here's the deal folks: I am hosting a query-writing contest based on the post I put up back in February. In my next entry I will provide you with basic, unembellished details of Roger's manuscript (which is titled West of Sienna, by the way), and whoever can come up with the most compelling query will be featured in a blog and Twitter post.

Is it worth the time and effort it will take? Absolutely not. Will it provide you with a fleeting sense of gratification? YES.

So do this. Let me know in the comments if you're interested and, regardless of the feedback you supply, we'll kick off next week.

Until then, and as I wish the wonderful Kimberley Cameron good travels, VIVE LA FRANCE.


  1. Congrats to Roger!

    I'd probably go for it! The query contest sounds fun. :)

  2. P.S. Lovely picture of Paris. Makes me miss it . . .

  3. Congrats to Roger! I'm such a wimp about horror but I'd probably give it a shot too! Sounds like fun :)

  4. I want to know how the photographer took the picture. :D

    I suck at writing queries. One of my betas and my CP usually end up rewriting mine because they do a better job. lol