Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do You Want to Be My May 2012 Author of the Month?

I'd like to begin by thanking all of the people who read and commented on my interview with Yvonne Osborne. Yvonne is a talented author and if my post drew any attention to her work I’ll consider it a job well done.

I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels, however, and while launching Ms. Osborne to heights of literary superstardom heretofore unknown by even the most august authors was quite an accomplishment, I must turn my attention now to molding a new giant.

Do you want to be my May 2012 Author of the Month?

I know, I know, the attention can be daunting. Being featured on my blog, after all, catapults you onto what is arguably the largest platform of any kind in popular culture. But, hey, you’d get some free editing feedback out of it. So whether you’re a novelist, short-story writer, or have the next Fifty Shades of Grey cooking up on your laptop, send me your project. I do have a particular penchant for fantasy, YA, and historical fiction, but, as my experience with Yvonne demonstrates, can see great value in manuscripts from other genres.

If you’re interested in being featured here please send a query-style letter and the first chapter of your project to I will choose my favorite in the first week of May and request a full manuscript from the selected author. After that I’ll read the entire book, provide the author with a reader’s report and detailed notes, answer any questions they may have, and finally conduct an interview that will be printed on the blog in late May.

It’ll be fun for both of us.

Plus, it’ll save you a TON of money. I mean, not to brag or anything, but editing doesn’t come cheap and when I’m not blogging or wearing silly hats I’ve been known to charge a little bit of money for what I do for free on the site. Just sayin’.

So bring on the manuscripts! I know you guys have some great projects in you and I’m very excited to see what those are.


  1. Sounds like a great idea. A big commitment for you!

    I might not be ready to submit for May though. I'm revising last year's manuscript and have about 2 chapters to go on my most recent. Neither are ready yet.

  2. I will look forward to reading your next interview. As I've already stated, your reviews come highly recommended!